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Salon Text Message Marketing

A Beautiful Message

Beauty salon marketing with SMS can help you keep chairs and cash registers full

Your time is valuable, and you can’t afford to be sitting around waiting for customers to show up. Every empty chair—every no show—represents a missed opportunity. And they’re costing your business thousands every year.

But now, thanks to the power of SMS messaging, the wait is over. A simple text message costs just pennies to send, yet it can reduce your no-show rate by more than 30%. It’s the quickest and most effective way to make sure your customers show up when they’re supposed, and it’s easy to get started with MessageMedia’s ready-for-business SMS platforms.

How SMS Can Make Your Bottom Line Look Better

Appointment reminders. Avoid costly no shows while reducing your administrative costs. Two-way text messaging makes it easy for customers to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments—helping you improve both productivity and profitability.

Automated scheduling. Integrate SMS into your scheduling software and set thresholds that automatically send reminders, or even discounts, to customers who are overdue for another appointment.

Sales promotions. Instantly send discounts and limited-time offers to fill empty seats and boost sales. Bulk SMS gives you a fast, cost-effective way to reach thousands of customers with just a click.

SMS marketing. Advertize new services, drive traffic to your store or website, and increase customer engagement. Text messages deliver higher open rates (98%) than email (22%) and direct mail (4%), making them the best choice when you need to reach your customers. Plus, they’re easy to automate, when you leverage the power of dedicated numbers and keywords.

Staff rostering. Need to fill a last-minute opening, or ensure that one doesn’t happen? Use SMS to send just one message to your entire staff. Or set up automated reminders, so that your staff always know when and where they’re needed.

Your Salon SMS Marketing Partner

At MessageMedia, we understand the unique needs of the beauty industry and can help you harness the power of text messaging in your business. We offer an SMS platform—SMS APIs, web, or email—for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a cost-effective solution for sending individual appointment reminders or complete SMS integration with your scheduling system, our team of specialists can help you get going quickly.

Talk to a beauty SMS specialist today to learn more.