Don’t pay for undelivered messages. Clean up your database with lookups to remove invalid numbers.

Some number types don’t accept all communications, for instance, most landline numbers can’t accept SMS. Why pay for an SMS that will never be delivered?

Reduce your messaging costs with our simple-to-use lookups. Lookups are used to identify carriers, invalid numbers, country of origin and phone type (mobile or landline). Our lookups service also provides basic number insights to help you keep your contact numbers organised.

Lookups provide additional information about a mobile number that enables you to clean up your database and remove numbers with an invalid area code, those that are too long or too short, or use unrecognisable letters and characters. Validate your database by authenticating phone numbers, their type and carrier records. Select your preferred carriers as each carrier charges a different rate, thereby maximising your return on investment by identifying the low-cost and cost-effective carriers.

Hit send on your bulk SMS campaign with the assurance that you are reducing costs and maximising ROI by reducing the number of failed or undeliverable messages.