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Wholesale SMS & White Label SMS Platform

Big Volumes Mean Big Savings

We deliver millions of messages every month and pass on the savings to you

At MessageMedia, we love to share success with our wholesale SMS partners. We deliver millions of messages a month in 187 countries around the world. This gives us huge economies of scale, which we freely share with our wholesalers and white-label SMS resellers. Because when your business grows, so does ours.

We’re more than just a high-volume messaging provider. When you partner with MessageMedia, you get access to our industry-leading SMS platforms for email, web, and software integration. All built on our lightening-fast, cloud-based SMS gateway. So you’re not stuck competing on price in a service-oriented market.

Benefits of Partnering with MessageMedia

  • Use our industry-leading SMS platforms for email, web, and software integration to differentiate your offering
  • Our white label SMS platform allows you to rebrand our software as your own, customize feature sets, and set your own pricing
  • We’ve invested millions in building a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, so you don’t have to
  • Our SMS Gateway boasts full redundancy, complete security, and guaranteed reliability
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee means your customers can rest assured that their most important messages will get where they need to
  • Built-in delivery SMS reports and analytics let users see what worked and when, slice the data anyway they want, and serve it up in pie charts or graphs

Your Brand, Our Technology

As a leading wholesale SMS provider, we offer a number of different business models for leveraging our technology. Whether you choose to be a bulk SMS reseller, cobrand an SMS platform, or make our white-label SMS software your own, you’ll get all the benefits of our bulk SMS services along with unmatched support from our SMS experts.

With MessageMedia’s wholesale SMS solutions, you can select the capabilities you want and adapt them as your business evolves, without being locked into a package or contract. It’s tailor-made messaging at a wholesale price. And it’s ready for you right now.

Speak with one of our SMS experts now to learn more about our bulk SMS solutions for wholesalers and resellers.

A Powerful Message, Any Way You Send It

Our white label SMS platform gives users three powerful options for sending text messages.

Web SMS provides an easy way to send and receive messages directly from your web browser. Highly capable and cost effective, this online platform gives you flexible delivery options, advanced reporting tools, and multiple customization options.

SMS APIs let you integrate text messaging with your other business systems. This brings a new level of automation—and cost savings—to everything from appointment scheduling to staff rostering. Our APIs allow you to use the languages you know and love to quickly develop robust SMS applications.

Email SMS is a basic SMS platform with a basic price. Use it to quickly send SMS from most email clients, including Outlook and Lotus Notes. Email SMS provides a simple solution for sending single (rather than group) messages when you don’t need the value-added features of Web SMS or our SMS APIs.

Learn more about our bulk SMS services and wholesale rates. Contact us today for a free, no-commitment consultation.