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SMS Sales and Lead Generation Software

Send More Sales to Your Bottom Line

Fast, cost effective, and automation-ready, SMS sales helps you stay on top

Businesses everywhere are using SMS as a lead generation software to fill seats and cash registers, and create a following of engaged, happy customers. It’s a powerful tool in the right hands, enabling you to turn prospects into satisfied customers. Quickly, and at a lower cost per conversion than traditional communications channels.

Drive Engagement and New Sales

Cold calls, direct mail, and email are costly and time consuming. They’re also increasingly ineffective. Customers receive an average of more than 120 emails a day, making it difficult to get more than a glance when you’re in their inbox.

SMS messaging lets you finally get out of the inbox and into your customers hands. It’s instant and very effective. Ninety percent of all messages are read within 3 minutes, and most of the others will eventually be read, for a 98% total read rate. Compare that to your strike rate for cold calls or open rate for emails, and it’s easy to see why organizations around the world are turning to SMS solutions when they need to reach more prospects and close more deals.

Automate Your Success

SMS is a great way to increase your operational efficiency. MessageMedia’s Web SMS platform or SMS APIs give you multiple options for automating your lead nurturing, fulfillment, and customer service workflows. Create a communications schedule, architect a keyword campaign, or enjoy seamless SMS CRM Integration your business systems. We can help you put your growth on autopilot, and save you money while doing it.

Fill Seats and Cash Registers

What do you get when you combine real-time messaging with a limited-time offer? Big time results. Everyone from major soft drink brands to local restaurants are using SMS to introduce products, drive traffic to stores and websites, and lift sales. Bulk SMS allows you to reach customers instantly, and it gives your offers a new level of urgency.

Offer Examples

  • “The first 100 customers through the door will receive a free gift.”
  • “All customers will receive a free desert with the purchase of an entre before 6pm.”
  • “For the next 24 hours only, get 25% off on any item in the store.”

No one likes to miss out on an opportunity, which is why businesses everywhere are quickly adding SMS customer service to their sales programs.

Deliver Better Service—and Profits

A text message is the quickest way to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. Send convenient appointment reminders to avoid costly no shows. Customers will appreciate payment notifications that help them stay on top of their invoices and bills, as well as shipping updates that show you’re staying on top of their business. You can even use two-way SMS to quickly answer product inquiries and support questions.

SMS Customer Service shows your commitment to customer service. Now that’s a message that’s worth sending, over and over.

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