Text Message Dispatch offers a reliable, efficient channel for field service dispatchers and technicians to coordinate in real-time. Better coordination leads to better customer service and satisfaction, especially in critical situations.


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MessageMedia Improves Health of Call Center Communications for Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

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SMS Delivers Peace of Mind

Field Service Management (FSM) is a fast paced and high stress environment. Delivering ever-increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction requires the best information tools available. Modern FSM systems response and service delivery can be significantly improved by streamlining and expediting dispatcher-technician conversation and coordination.

That’s why organizations in medical equipment, communications and critical infrastructure, among others, are thriving by providing outstanding field service with the unmatched speed and efficiency of text messaging (SMS) for critical service response and delivery.

Text messaging provides real-time communication that eliminates lags between dispatchers and technicians, giving customers real-time incident tracking for peace of mind and preventing misunderstandings. Text messaging simplifies and streamlines work for service technicians and engineers. The ability to interact with dispatchers and the FSM system in real-time without needing to repeatedly log into or sync a mobile application is empowering and liberating, especially when the technician is at a customer site or en-route to the next location.



Putting SMS Field Service Communication to Work

Dispatcher and Service Team managers and members typically use SMS communications as an integral part of their FSM system. Dispatchers can access SMS much like email with an inbox and outbox. Communication thread management may also be enabled to help keep on top of communications with particular customer points of contact or service technicians.

The simplest use of SMS communications in FSM is manual or ad hoc, where dispatchers engage contacts ranging from customer POCs to service team members for quick conversations as needed. Depending on the SMS/FSM integration, it may also be possible to set up automated transactions or workflows that generate and act on SMS messages according to predefined rules.


Benefits of Deploying SMS Critical Communications in Field Service Management



Increase peace of mind for service customers with real-time incident response information, raising customer satisfaction



Streamline real-time workflow for service technicians, increasing job satisfaction



Clarify details of incidents with customer and technician in real-time to lower incident response cost and increase first-time-fix rate



Improve documented audit trailfor incident response

MessageMedia is the Right SMS for FSM

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MessageMedia Critical Communications for ServiceMax



MessageMedia is pleased to work with ServiceMax, a strong leader in Field Service Management, to deliver SMS critical communications services to field service organizations worldwide.

MessageMedia is a ServiceMax Certified Technology Partner offering off-the-shelf SMS Critical Communications services that can be further customized to meet unique customer requirements.


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