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SMS for Customer Feedback Systems

See What Everyone’s Talking About

SMS improves customer satisfaction and your brand’s reputation

Customers want instant gratification. They don’t want to wait for your next phone call or email survey to share their thoughts about your business. Whether they’re left sitting in the waiting room for too long or they just had the best meal of their lives, they want to let you know immediately.

Until recently, social media was the platform of choice, which was great for business when customers were happy. But not so great, when they weren’t. But now there’s another option. With SMS messaging, you can give customers a way to instantly let you know if there’s a problem, so you can ensure that they only have good things to tell their friends.

A Shorter Feedback Loop

Imagine how your customers would feel if you could fix problems as soon as they appeared. A cold dinner? Text a coupon for another one on the house. A rude sales associate? Text an apology and have the store manager follow up directly with the customer before she leaves the store. Whatever the problem, an SMS-based customer feedback system sends a message that your brand really cares for its customers.

Improved Survey Response Rates

SMS is the fastest and most cost-effective medium for a customer feedback system. A customer feedback text message costs just pennies to send, making it a lot cheaper than phone calls. And it’s five times more likely to be read than an email. Ninety percent of all text messages are read in less than 3 minutes.

As an added benefit, take advantage of our SMS CRM integration to send personalized surveys to each customer. Address them directly in the salutation, ask them to rate their salesperson, or find out how they like the product they purchased.

No developer? No problem. With MessageMedia’s Web SMS platform, you can easily upload a CSV with your customer data and add the relevant fields to your SMS survey. You can send it to thousands, but each customer will feel like it was made just for him. It’s a simple, powerful message.

Key Features for an SMS Customer Feedback System

Bulk SMS. Whether you need to send a single message or thousands, you’ll enjoy greater economies of scale from buying text messages in bulk.

2-way SMS. The best brands don’t just talk, they listen. Two-way SMS makes it easy for your customers to respond to your SMS survey or start a conversation with you.

Dedicated numbers. Using one number to communicate with customers everywhere allows you to build an SMS presence as recognizable as your web domain.

Short codes. Half the length of normal phone numbers, short codes are fast, convenient, and easy to remember. Use them to make your customer feedback loop even shorter.

Delivery reports. You’ll never be left guessing whether your customer received your message. Real-time delivery reports show exactly when each message is received.

Reporting and analytics. See what worked and when, slice the data anyway you want, and serve it up in pie charts or graphs. It’s easy with MessageMedia’s web-based analytics dashboard.


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