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Text Appointment Reminders

Keep Your Revenue on Schedule

SMS reminders help you avoid costly no-shows

Missed appointments are costly. They leave chairs empty and staff idle, wasting valuable time and money. But now with two-way SMS, you can instantly send appointment reminders to your customers and give them a convenient way to reschedule if they can’t make it. It’s the simplest, most cost-effective way to ensure that your customers, and revenue, show up as scheduled.

Advantages of Text Appointment Reminders

  • Bulk SMS is one-tenth the cost of phone calls, and even more cost effective than postal mail
  • Text messages are 5x more likely to be opened than emails, with 90% being read within three minutes
  • SMS can be integrated directly into your scheduling system, enabling you to automate common administrative and call center tasks with our SMS CRM integration
  • Two-way messaging makes it easy for customers to confirm, reschedule, or cancel their appointments

The Business Case for Text Appointment Reminders

You can’t treat an empty chair. It’s estimated that no shows cost the US healthcare system $150 billion every year. No-show rates can run up to 60% at some clinics, leaving highly paid technicians standing around. But this isn’t just a healthcare problem. Restaurants, day spas, salons—service businesses everywhere suffer from the impact of no-show losses.

Studies show that text message appointment reminders can improve attendance rates by as much as 50%. Text messages are the most cost-effective approach to filling seats, increasing productivity, and raising your bottom line.

Stop waiting around and speak with one of our SMS specialists now to find out how we can help you add SMS reminders to your business.

Automated SMS Reminders

MessageMedia’s powerful SMS APIs make it easy to integrate SMS reminders with your existing appointment system. Send reminders, receive confirmations, even allow customers to cancel or reschedule appoints. Automatically.  With 2 Way SMS, you can fully automate your appointment system, reducing both no-show losses and your administrative costs.

Talk to an integration specialist to learn how we can help you automate your reminder workflow.