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SMS Services 

Business SMS Made Easy

See why businesses of all sizes are talking about MessageMedia’s SMS services

From day one, we’ve focused on one thing and one thing alone: making it easy for companies to integrate SMS into their businesses. This mission led us to introduce the first two-way desktop SMS solution when this technology was in its infancy over a decade ago. And it’s driven every decision and innovation since.

We believe in the power of SMS to transform businesses. It brings the benefits of automation to administrative and call center workflows. It gives marketers the ability to instantly increase engagement and conversions. And it’s enabling new business models across industries.

At MessageMedia, we’re committed to helping you capitalize on these opportunities to grow your business and profitability. Contact one of our SMS Experts today for a free, no-commitment consultation. It’s one opportunity you can’t afford to pass up.

Advantages of MessageMedia’s Online SMS Service

  • A dedicated SMS account management team helps you identify the best ways to integrate SMS into your business
  • Comprehensive SMS reporting and analytics system tells you what worked and when, for each user or for larger groups, so you can continue to get better
  • State-of-the-art cloud infrastructure guarantees 99.95% gateway uptime, and customer satisfaction
  • Competitive SMS pricing with solutions for every budget and business need

A Powerful Message, Any Way You Send It

Our online SMS services give you three ways to send text messages to customers all over the world.

Web SMS provides an easy way to send and receive messages directly from your web browser. Our SMS PC feature is highly capable and cost effective, this online platform gives you flexible delivery options, advanced reporting tools, and multiple customization options.

Email SMS is a basic SMS platform with a basic price. Use it to quickly send SMS from most email clients, including Outlook and Lotus Notes. Email SMS provides a simple solution for sending single (rather than group) messages when you don’t need the value-added features of Web SMS service or our SMS APIs.

SMS APIs let you integrate text messaging with your other business systems. This brings a new level of automation—and cost savings—to everything from appointment scheduling to order tracking. Our SMS service APIs allow you to use the languages you know and love to quickly develop robust SMS applications.

See how easy it is to reap the benefits of SMS with MessageMedia. Start your free trial now.

Always Open for Business. Guaranteed.

When every message counts, the world’s most trusted brands count on MessageMedia. Our cloud-based SMS gateway is up 99.95% of the time to ensure that your messages get where they need to. Each time, every time.

We’ve invested millions in our cloud infrastructure, with our advanced SMS gateways spread across multiple data centers around the world for maximum resiliency and throughput. We own it and manage it, which allows us to guarantee that it will perform exactly as promised.

Join the 25,000 customers who trust MessageMedia to deliver their most important messages. Get started now.