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SMTP SMS: Email to SMS Gateway

Send Email to SMS via SMTP API

MessageMedia has developed an Email to SMS product whereby a registered user can send a SMS message from their email client.

  • No software required – SMS is sent via your existing email program (e.g. Outlook)
  • Simple to use, with limited range of features.
  • 99.95% reliability guarantee.
  • Suits single rather than group messaging
  • Receive email SMS replies back to your inbox.
  • Receive original message with any replies.
  • Send Outlook SMS or Lotus Notes SMS.
  • Work with HTML & plain text emails.
  • Send to both mobiles and landlines (landline messages are converted to “talking text“)
  • Audit trail – record all messages/received through your email server

SMTP SMS Setup Guide

Once your email address is validated by MessageMedia to send SMS via email – simply follow the instructions below:

1. Open a new email Outlook or Lotus Notes

2. Enter the SMS Mobile number, e.g.

3. You can also send the message to the recipients email address, by adding their email address to the To or CC fields.

4. All replies to your SMS messages come back to your registered email address.

5. Add the contents of your message to either subject and/or body of the email.

Ensure your character count is 160 characters or less including your Subject and/or body text. Longtext (greater than 160 characters) is available but must be requested. In this instance the message is concatenated and sent as one message to the mobile phone.

6. Click send

7. An SMS will then be delivered to the mobile number you entered.

8. If you would like to send to more than one person at a time, each number must be in the format of and separated by ;


Replies will come back to the inbox of the email address that the message was sent from.
When opening the reply email, the senders’ response, including the original outbound message, will be visible.

If you would like more information or assistance on setting up SMTP SMS, please get in touch with us.