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Secure SMS FTP

SMS Broadcast Automation over SFTP

MessageMedia Manager has the ability to schedule broadcasts on a recurring basis. This is ideal for appointment reminders that are sent out at a predefined time on certain days of the week. Once a user has access to MessageMedia’s Manager Application (access via: the process for setting up this service is very straightforward.

Uploading Broadcast SMS to SFTP

Please follow the steps outlined below:

1. User creates a CSV file with a date style naming convention from their appointment database.

The CSV file must have a column header row to distinguish the column.
The naming convention must be ddmmyyyy.csv where the date is the date of the send and NOT the appointment date.

2. User creates and saves a template within the Manager interface using the CSV file created in step 1.

3. User informs MessageMedia of the following:

  • User account from which the template was created. This will be the user account that the messages are sent from and billed to
  • Template name
  • Time of the day at which the broadcast will be sent
  • Days of the week that the messages will be sent

4. MessageMedia set the configuration on their side.

5. MessageMedia set up SFTP user account and distribute credentials to client.

6. File is uploaded to MessageMedia’s SFTP site

Uploading of files should be automated on a daily basis. The file must be uploaded at least one hour before the send is scheduled to run.

7. MessageMedia automatically merge the file to the template and send the broadcast at the specified time.
MessageMedia SFTP Service

MessageMedia SFTP Server

The following details required for connection to MessageMedia’s SFTP server:

  • Site address:
  • Username and password (will be supplied once configuration complete)
  • Port Number: 22

Whitelist IP Addresses

The following IP addresses need to be whitelisted if there are any client side firewall restrictions:


For more information or assistance with setting this up, please contact us.