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SMS REST API for Business Text Messaging

SMS Integration Couldn’t Get Any Simpler

You use your favorite language, and we’ll take care of the REST

At MessageMedia, we love simplicity as much as you do. That’s why we’re developing a REST API. The simpler component interactions of REST will make it easy for you to write and test applications for our SMS gateway. And you’ll be able to use any HTTP client and programming language to interact with the API, without having to understand our native libraries or internal implementation details.

It’s fast and easy!

You Can Sleep Easy with Our RESTful API Design

The simplicity of the REST architectural style makes it perfect for SMS integration. It’s faster, more scalable, easily adaptable, and even easier to implement. Since REST is HTTP, it enables you to get your application up and running quickly, without worrying about the complexities of SOAP or WSDL implementations.

Advantages of Our SMS REST API

  • Lower barrier to entry than SOAP and other web service protocols—if you know HTTP, the REST is easy
  • Simpler component implementations and reduced semantic complexity increase scalability
  • Requests have a lower overhead, which minimizes latency and enables higher messaging throughput
  • No special libraries or tools required—all you need is a simple network connection and browser
  • Simpler architectural style reduces your development cost and time to market
  • Allows intermediaries—gateways, firewalls, and proxies—to be introduced in the transfer protocol without altering the interfaces between the components

Developer Resources

At MessageMedia, our goal is to make it easier for you to integrate SMS into your business. We provide a complete suite of development APIs, resources, tools, and documentation to help you connect to our SMS gateway and quickly develop your applications.

Need help selecting a protocol or getting your SMS integration started? Contact one of our SMS integration specialists now.

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