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SMS CRM Integration for Customer Management

A Powerful New Way To Do Business

Customer-centric businesses use SMS to keep up with mobile customers

You’re dedicated to customer success. That’s why you invested in your CRM, and it’s the reason why you continue to place your customer at the center of everything you do.

The problem is, your customers aren’t sitting still. They’re mobile, and keeping up with them via phone or email is costly and cumbersome. Calls get rejected, or are never placed. Important email updates are lost in spam folders. And your customers are left reaching out to your call center—or competitors—for answers.

That’s no way to do business. Which is why customer-centric businesses everywhere are quickly integrating SMS into their CRM software. A simple text message costs just pennies to send, but it can save you thousands in operational costs. And earn you even more in customer goodwill.

It’s a powerful new way to do business—and now it’s easier than ever to get started with MessageMedia.

Advantages of SMS CRM Integration

Automate Workflows. Text messages provide a convenient—and cost-effective—way to send appointment reminders, meeting updates, and other notifications to customers. You can also use them to notify your account representatives of new assignments and account updates, so they’re able to deliver the great customer service you expect.

Increase Satisfaction. With MessageMedia’s CRM Text Solutions, you’re able to automatically send transaction and fulfillment notifications to customers. It’s a simple way to show that you’re on top of their business every step of the way.

Nurture Leads. Mobile marketing is more than optimizing emails for cell phones. By adding text marketing functionality to your CRM, you’re able increase open rates and close more deals, while dramatically lowering your marketing and sales costs.

Boost Sales. Send price alerts, promotions, and retargeting messages to customers. SMS CRM integration lets you combine the benefits of real-time communications with a limited-time offer to increase urgency and conversions.

Reduce Operating Costs. Integrating SMS into your CRM workflows can reduce inbound calls to your call center, free sales personnel to focus on qualified leads, and reduce accounting and administrative costs. The price of success is a lot lower when you add text messaging to your workflows.

Your CRM Text Solutions Expert

At MessageMedia, we’ve helped customers of all sizes integrate SMS messaging into CRM systems. We’ve worked with all the major CRM platforms—Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Act!, and more. We’ve also integrated SMS into everything from accounting systems like Quickbooks, MYOB, Xero, and Freshbooks, to enterprize-class software like SAP and Oracle.

CRM integratations already in place

Microsoft Dynamics
Sage ACT
Fresh Books

Our SMS APIs are designed to help you build robust applications quickly, whether you’re working with an off-the-shelf software package or proprietary system. We offer a full range of developer resources, as well as full support from our team of highly skilled integration experts. Because we’re just as committed to customer success as you are.

Get started with your SMS CRM integration today. Talk to one of our integration specialists to learn how we can help you harness the power of text messaging in your business.