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SMS API and SMS Gateway

Reliable, scalable and customizable, SMS APIs provide a simple and powerful way for developers to connect to an SMS gateway. SMS-enable any application, website or system and send or receive messages around the globe via a range of connection options.

Add SMS messaging to your software today. Start with simple Email to SMS, integrate directly using powerful SDKs and APIs, or get all the power and flexibility of SMPP. The choice is yours.

Key features of MessageMedia’s SMS API

  • Two-way Messaging: Send messages to any network and receive replies back to your application
  • Message Tagging: A unique feature of two-way messaging which tells your application exactly which outbound message corresponds to a given reply (important for transactional messaging applications).
  • Dedicated Inbound Numbers: Provides your application with the ability to receive Mobile Originated SMS (also known as MO SMS or Incoming SMS). This enables your customers or workforce to send a message to a number that your application can respond to.
  • Delivery Reporting: Enables tracking of messages, showing your application the exact time that each message you send is delivered on the handset. This provides your application with an audit trail and enables escalation in the event of non-delivery.
  • Control of Validity Period: Allows you to specify exactly how long an outbound message will be valid on the mobile network. Once sent, the mobile network will continue to attempt delivery until the validity period expires.
  • API Web Push: Facilitates real-time delivery of inbound SMS direct to a URL, as opposed to ‘polling’, where messages are queued and then disseminated on request. This functionality is ideal for organizations that need replies from mobile staff or customers, delivered instantly.

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