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ServiceMax: Add SMS Communications to Field Service Management

  • Improve and accelerate coordination between Dispatchers and Field Service Engineers, even automatically updating Work Orders from text message responses from FSEs, all while keeping a full record of all conversations in ServiceMax
  • Keep Customer Points of Contact automatically updated to the status of their ticket/case and Work Order – increasing customer satisfaction
  • Enable instant management-to-field group broadcasting for critical updates and requests


What you get with the MessageMedia SMS for ServiceMax Solution

  • Mature add-in software that lets you send and receive SMS, use message templates, automate messaging sending and workflow, and automate workflow based on replies from FSEs
  • Best of breed high-deliverability SMS message service from MessageMedia
  • A dedicated number for each ServiceMax messaging user
  • A resource guide with step-by-step setup and configuration instruction, and a set of prebuilt message templates, message triggers and workflows you can start using immediately

Experience the power of SMS for Service Delivery at 50% off for your first 3 months

  • MessageMedia ServiceSMS – partner software license and messaging plan for 90 days for just $60*/month
  • Includes one dedicated texting number and up to 1000 text messages sent per month
  • Regular value $360!
  • Includes a growing library of predefined sms message templates, automated triggered messages, and workflow rules

*Actual price in local currency can vary with exchange rates.