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SMS Gateway Software 

Real Time. Every Time.

An SMS gateway that delivers when you need it to

When every message counts, some of the world’s most trusted brands count on MessageMedia. Our cloud-based SMS gateway is up 99.95% of the time to ensure that your messages get where they need to. Each time, every time.

Our products that run off the sms gateway are WebSMS, Email to SMS or you can connect via our SMS API.

Sky-High Reliability

We’ve invested millions in building a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, with multiple gateway servers distributed across multiple data centers to ensure that all of your messages are delivered in just seconds.

Every server has a backup, and every backup has a backup to provide complete redundancy. And peace of mind. Networks are continuously monitored by both staff and software to prevent backlogs; meanwhile, dynamic message queue monitoring ensures that your messages are delivered as fast as possible. And in the unlikely event of an outage at one site, automatic failover mechanisms instantly reroute messages to another.

It’s how we deliver millions of messages every day. Consistently and reliably, as promised.

Advantages of Our SMS Gateway

  • Dynamically manages message queues and routes to ensure maximum delivery speed
  • Complete redundancy means every system has a backup waiting to leap into service, so your messages aren’t left waiting for one moment
  • 24/7/365 SMS support of all gateways and carrier networks with automatic rerouting in the unlikely event of a failure or outage
  • End-to-end message tracking by an independent server provides an audit trail for every text sent and received
  • Our text message security features banking-level encryption and VPNs safeguard your data and privacy
  • Advanced SMS gateway software is agile, scalable, and offers seamless SMS CRM integration

Our 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

No missed opportunities. No lost messages. No hassles. Our SMS gateway service is up 99.95% of the time, waiting to deliver your most important text messages, or you get your money back. 99.95%. Guaranteed.

See why more than 15,300 customers around the world rely on MessageMedia to deliver their messages. Start your free trial today.