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Text Message Delivery Report for Business 

Cloud Based, Lightning Fast

Our SMS gateway is built to deliver your messages quickly and reliably. SMS guaranteed delivery.

No missed opportunities. No lost business. No headaches. With MessageMedia behind your business, you’ll never be left guessing whether your messages reached their destination.

We’ve invested millions in building a lightning-fast, cloud-based SMS gateway to ensure that your text messages get into the right hands in just seconds. We utilize multiple servers distributed across data centers around the world to ensure that all of your messages are delivered—on time, every time. Or you get your money back. Guaranteed.

Advantages of Our SMS Gateway

  • Dynamically manages message queues and routes to ensure maximum delivery speed
  • Complete redundancy means every system has a backup waiting to leap into service, so your messages aren’t left waiting for one moment
  • 24-7 support and monitoring of all gateways and carrier networks with automatic rerouting in the unlikely event of a failure or outage
  • End-to-end message tracking by an independent server provides an audit trail for every text sent and received

Designed for Speed

Our gateway is monitored day and night by people and software to ensure maximum delivery speed. Dynamic routing ensures that your messages are delivered as fast as possible—without compromising security or reliability in the process. Regardless of how many messages you have to send, we’ll be sure they get through with lightning speed.

The Right Connections

MessageMedia’s secure text message gateway uses encrypted connections to deliver messages faster and more securely. The shortest route is the best route for your text messages. No hops, skips, or jumps. Your messages never leave the country—so they only end up in the right hands. Quickly.

Built-In Reporting

Don’t take our word for it. Our SMS platforms provide access to real-time SMS delivery reports, so you can be sure that your messages reached the right people at the right time. Plus, you can track responses and click throughs to see which messages worked, at which times, and for which segments. Optimize to your heart’s content, and watch the results pour in.