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Long Codes SMS for Business

Long Codes Travel Far

The best solution for international communications

SMS long codes are the do-it-all, do-it-everywhere solution for business. They’re quick to setup, inexpensive, and handle both text messages and voice calls with ease. Long codes are ideal for businesses that want to build a strong SMS brand but don’t want the added cost or set-up time required for a dedicated short code SMS.

The biggest advantage offered by long code SMS is that they provide international accessibility. So you can use the same phone number and support infrastructure to deliver the same great service to customers all over the world. This makes them perfect for global companies that need implement 2-way SMS in multiple countries.

Advantages of SMS Long Codes Text Messaging

  • Most cost-effective solution for setting up a dedicated SMS number
  • Support domestic and international text messages, phone calls, and text to voice
  • 2 Way SMS opens up a new channel for customer engagement, useful for everything from appointment reminders to support inquiries
  • Less restrictive opt-in policies allow you to leverage more of your customer database
  • Greater economies of scale in branding, messaging, and support infrastructure
  • Support two-factor authentication (2FA) for customers and employees around the world

When Not to Use SMS Long Codes

The biggest limitation of long codes is that they take a longer to enter. If your SMS program requires users to type in your number to engage with you, you should consider using a short code instead. They’re easier to remember, more convenient, and less susceptible to user error.  Learn more about SMS short codes.

Your Global Messaging Partner

If you’re a global organization—or aspire to be one—you’ll want to partner with a company that knows what it takes to succeed internationally. MessageMedia has grown from an Australian startup to a global leader in SMS business services, delivering text messages to customers over 460 networks in 187 countries worldwide.

Contact your MessageMedia SMS expert today, and we can help you choose the right SMS software to grow your business, here and beyond.