Send Text from any Email Service
  • Open a new email in any email program
    (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes)
  • Enter the SMS Mobile number with
    e.g. OR

    You can also send to landline numbers - enter the number
    including the area code with

  • You can also send the message to the recipient's email
    address, by adding their email address to the To or CC fields.
  • All replies to your SMS messages come back to your
    registered email address.
  • Add the contents of your message to either subject and/or
    body of the email.
  • Click SEND - An SMS will then be delivered to the mobile
    number you entered.
    • Send messages to any network
    • Get replies to your application
    • Send a unique 'sender' name
    • Digits, text & special characters
    No Software Required
    • SMS is sent via your existing
    • email program (e.g Outlook)
    • Send/receive from same no.
    • Permanent SMS presence
    • Expand Reach, reduce cost
    • Improve productivity
    Inbox Replies
    • Receive email SMS replies back to
    • your inbox
    Flexible Formatting
    • Work with HTML & plain text emails
    Audit Trail
    • Record all messages received
    • through your email server
    Conversation Threads
    • Receive original message with any
    • replies
    • Cost-effective
    • Interact with Staff & constituents
    • Extend SMS to landlines
    • Visually impaired
    Easy and Fast
    • Simple to use
    • Limited range of features
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