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Dedicated SMS Number for Every Industry

A Number as Powerful as Your Brand

A dedicated number sends the right message to customers

Get a dedicated virtual SMS number from MessageMedia, and you’ll get a powerful platform for growing your brand and business through text message marketing.

One number, one cost center, one interface to the world. Whether you choose a long code or short code, you’ll enjoy new economies of scale with a dedicated SMS number. Use it to send and receive text messages to customers everywhere. Publish it across marketing and sales channels. Build an SMS presence as recognizable as your web domain.

A dedicated number is an important ingredient to any successful two-way text message marketing campaign. Combine it with MessageMedia’s Web SMS or APIs to quickly get your messages out to customers and track their effectiveness. Need more granularity? Use keywords for different programs, and the best results.

Advantages of a Dedicated SMS Number

  • Greater economies of scale in branding, messaging, and support infrastructure
  • Increase customer engagement by publishing your SMS number across marketing and sales media
  • Use keywords to distinguish between campaigns and programs, and track them with more granularity
  • Automate everything from appointment reminders to support inquiries
  • Increase consumer awareness and brand presence with text message SMS marketing

Long Codes vs. Short Codes

Long codes are normal 10-digit phone numbers that can be used to send and receive text messages. They’re the cheapest option for a dedicated number and can be set up in just a couple of minutes, making them a popular choice if you’re on a budget or in a hurry to get started. The biggest advantage of long codes is that they support both domestic and international SMS communications. They’re perfect for global businesses or companies who aspire to be one. However, if the success of your SMS program depends on customers initiating contact with you, you should consider a short code instead.

Short codes are half the length of long codes, coming in at just 5 or 6 digits. Marketers prefer to use short codes for campaigns, since they lift response rates considerably and reduce the opportunity for entry errors. Short codes can be absorbed in a glance and typed in a flash, making them perfect for customer-initiated engagement. Yet, they’re not without their shortcomings. Dedicated short codes are more expensive and take much longer to setup. But they’re worth the investment if you’re launching an SMS marketing program or customer-initiated engagement channel.

At MessageMedia, we’re dedicated to your success, and so are our numbers. Contact an SMS expert today to get the right virtual SMS number for your business requirements.