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2 Way SMS Solutions for Every Industry

An Enterprise-Grade 2-Way SMS Gateway

See why businesses of all sizes are talking about MessageMedia’s SMS gateway

The best businesses don’t just talk. They listen. That’s why more and more companies are turning to 2-way SMS. It lets you send messages to customers and staff, and instantly hear what they have to say.

But it’s not just about talk. Two-way text messaging is fast becoming the medium of choice for transactions of all kinds. Appointment reminders, customer feedback, even eCommerce solutions—it’s perfect for anytime you need to deliver a message or business results quickly.

Use our WebSMS manager or connect via our SMS API for the best 2-way sms services and solutions.

Always Open for Business

Over 25,000 companies around the world rely on MessageMedia’s SMS gateway for their 2-way SMS text messaging needs. Our gateway is up 99.95% of the time. Guaranteed. And it delivers unique features that make your SMS programs work, time and time again.

Advantages of Our 2 Way SMS Gateway

  • Built-in message tagging matches replies to each outbound message, so you can keep track of conversations and your effectiveness
  • Delivery tracking lets you know when each message was opened
  • Comprehensive SMS Reporting and Analytics tells you what worked and when, for each user or for larger groups, so you can continue to get better
  • Seamless SMS CRM Integration

Success in the Cloud

Oracle Taleo, a world leader in cloud-based staffing services, counts on MessageMedia’s cloud-based SMS gateway to automate the finding and hiring of top candidates. It’s just one of many ways two-way SMS is helping business leaders stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced world.

Let’s talk about what 2-way SMS can do for your business. Contact one of our experts today to learn more.