Maximising profitability and minimising no-shows with instant SMS appointment reminders

Are you sick and tired of people forgetting to show up to their appointment or cancelling at the last minute? Are you looking for a way to minimise no-shows and fill those last minute empty slots?

Read this guide if you want to maximise your profitability and minimise no-shows.

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How to reduce missed appointments with business messaging

Missed appointments are a challenge for any business

Missed appointments are a challenge for any business, particularly those relying heavily on pre-booked appointments: healthcare, allied health services such as dentistry and optometry, hospitality, beauticians, veterinarians, hairdressers, social services, home repairs, real estate, personal trainers/sports clubs and automotive repairers.

While cancellations will never completely disappear, organisations can act to reduce their frequency and impact. The first step is an examination of the cause of failure to attend followed by a simply executed solution – the SMS appointment reminder.

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keep their businesses busy and profitable with fully-booked appointment diaries. Our business messaging solutions have helped hospitals, universities, real estate agents, local councils, social services providers, training providers and many others to dramatically cut their no-show rates and increase efficiency and revenue.

The eBook explores

  • How to measure the cost of no-shows and last minute cancellations
  • How to minimise cancellations and ensure people show up as scheduled
  • The benefits of effective business messaging and how you can implement it in your business
  • Business messaging best practice to get you on your way to better customer experiences

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  • Uncover why you are facing last-minute cancellations and no-shows, and how to implement effective business messaging to keep your diary full and your customers happy.