Why SMS?

Decrease hold times and give your customers a better experience by integrating SMS text messaging into your multi-channel UC solution. You can also save your client’s money with shorter call times and fewer support calls by executing money saving tools like SMS outbound queuing and maintain strong customer relationships.

  • Decrease hold times
  • Save money with fewer support calls
  • Improve & maintain the customer experience

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SMS saves you money on every call


Average cost of a live telephone call


Average cost of a self-service session

You could save almost $25,000 per month or $300,000 annually*

*Based on 5000 calls per month if converted to automated proactive notifications.

Don’t leave them hanging…

of all consumers find it frustrating to be tethered to a phone or computer while waiting for customer service help.
of customers admit they would leave a company after a bad customer experience.

Deploying money-saving tools like SMS outbound queuing allows you to maintain strong customer relationships. Notify customers via text message when a customer support rep is available and decrease average hold time. Keep customers happy and streamline efficiency for your clients.

SMS… your customer’s preferred option

of consumers would give a big thumbs up to a business that offered text messaging as a customer support method.

SMS communications provide a stress-free customer experience options. Customers want lower wait times as well was the option to take care of easy, automated support options via text - simply and without frustration - tasks like checking on the status of an order, scheduling or modifying an appointment, making a reservation, changing a password and even asking basic questions.

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