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Resources-SMS API developer-guides

Resources for Developers

MessageMedia offers fast, powerful SMS tools and integration with a range of SMS marketing resources and guidelines.  You can get up and running instantly with Email to SMS or Secure FTP, integrate directly with your existing systems using powerful SDKs and APIs, or get all the power and flexibility of SMPP.  We also offer developer support and detailed online reporting free of charge.

No coding required

Email to SMS

Email to SMS lets you use your existing software or email program to send SMS with no extra coding required. This is a convenient, cost effective, no frills solution that is perfect for sending single messages.  You can send SMS messages, alerts and reminders to mobiles and talking text to landlines, all from your email.

Secure FTP

For large batches, you can use Secure FTP, or upload your CSV or XML files to our servers via your web browser and we’ll send your messages for you automatically. You can have all the bulk SMS benefits of integration, without the time and expense, and still with detailed web-based reporting provided for free.

We speak your language

Flexible APIs and SDKs

We offer robust APIs and SDKs that support integration with off the shelf software packages, and in-house systems and websites; providing you with choice of language and connection method, without sacrificing functionality.  We provide a range of solid technical documentation and SMS use cases and resources.  And if there’s anything else you need, just give us a call or drop us an email. We’re here to help you get up and running.

Sample code and SOAP API

Whether you’re using Windows, Linux/Unix or Mac, our SOAP API gives you the flexibility to integrate with languages including C++, Perl, Ruby, Node.js, VBScript or Powershell; and we have a range of code samples available on GitHub.


SMPP and Third Party Integrations

SMPP support for carrier-grade messaging

If you want to step up to carrier standard, we can provide a native SMPP bind and plug you right in. SMPP gives you all the benefits of two-way messaging, delivery receipting, and more; using a stable, persistent bind you can manage and monitor independently.

Integrates with most popular business software

MessageMedia offers integration with a range of popular enterprize and business software solutions.  We’ve delivered SMS integration to a range of customers, from standalone practice software for health providers, to CRMs, websites and shopping carts, right up to major corporates running SAP and Oracle.  Integrated SMS messaging will enable additional functionality and performance for your existing enterprize solution.

MessageMedia are the SMS integrations specialists

MessageMedia provide a range of cost effective and reliable SMS solutions, coupled with a comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs.  We deliver unparalleled service reliability and industry leading customer support.  Talk to MessageMedia today about the right SMS solution for your business.

Legacy API (not kept up to date)

We strongly recommend using the sample code to connect to the SOAP API, however there are legacy API and SDKs that are no longer kept up to date (native clients in PHP, .NET, JAVA) that may better suit your needs. You can download the documentations below.