Easily Send & Manage Texts from PC, Web, Email or API



Send and receive SMS text messages from right within your web browser. Generate reports too. No download. Nothing to install. Available anywhere, anytime.



Automate your business with our comprehensive range of APIs and SDKs. Full support for popular languages, Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party applications.


Email to SMS

Use Microsoft Outlook or your favourite email client to send SMS text messages to your staff and customers. Get replies delivered right to your inbox.


Toll Free & Landlines

Send and receive text messages from your existing toll free or landline number. Now you and your customers can use the same number for voice calls and text messages.



Extend the power of SMS to landlines and non-mobile phone users, the visually impaired, and other users who prefer voice calls to SMS.

Secure IP Messaging

Send secure, encrypted messages with our IP messaging solution – perfect for sensitive internal communications.

The MessageMedia Difference

Guaranteed Reliability

We do more than just promise reliability – we deliver. In fact, we’ve done it over1 billion times for over 25,000 customers, in almost every conceivable industry.
You get our exclusive 99.95% SMS Gateway uptime guarantee for total peace of mind.


Competitive Rates

Get more than just a great price. Get the most advanced and reliable SMS gateway with expertly tailored solutions to meet your needs and save you money. You’ll always get the right price and the best service.

Exceptional Service

Real people answer the phone in our offices around the globe. Even if it’s the middle of the night where you are, a member of our team is always ready to take your call. Expert assistance and friendly service, because we value the unique needs of your business.