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Get the Most out of your Business Text Messaging Service

Posted by: MessageMedia

SMS services for business: convenient for customers, easy for companies.

Oct 6th, 2014 SMS text messaging is a powerful yet simple-to-use solution that is an efficient and cost effective method for businesses to help reach their customers.
Text messaging campaigns offer numerous benefits and enable marketers to easily compose, send, and track SMS marketing campaigns.

  • SMS campaigns are easy to track – in real time you will be able to determine the success of your marketing or promotional campaign.
  • SMS text message campaigns are green! Have a positive environmental impact and reduce the amount of paper used for traditional direct marketing campaigns.

With SMS CRM integration into your business systems, you will be able to send bulk SMS from your PC or computer to your contacts. You can choose one or two-way SMS messaging, and depending on your provider, you will be able to match replies to specific messages sent, allowing for a far more personalized customer experience.

Sending an online text message has an added productivity gain. It is definitely a lot faster to type your messages from your computer keyboard than from the small keyboard of your mobile phone.

Other benefits available for companies that take up quality SMS text message software is the SMS reporting functionality, the ability to automatically handle opt-out requests, SPAM blocking technology and security controls for you and your customers peace of mind.

When you are considering SMS direct marketing as a channel for your customer communication, there are a few questions you should ask:

  • What is the best way to execute this campaign – mobile communication, email or direct mail? Choose the most appropriate.
  • Critically assess if the communication is time-sensitive. If it is, SMS may be the best option, if not, it’s worth reviewing alternatives.
  • What do you expect your customer to do with you message? If this is campaign that relies on two-way communications then SMS could be the best option.
  • For those who have opted in to this mobile campaign – do you have enough content to keep them interested, or will they quickly stop seeing the value in your SMS messages?

When you take all of this into consideration, you will ensure that your SMS text message campaign it set up to succeed and deliver leads, sales and/or productivity and efficiency gains for your business.