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Real estate

Direct mail is costly — and much of it just goes straight into the trash. Email isn’t much better — only one in five messages is opened.

It’s no wonder that real estate businesses of all types are switching to SMS to deliver their messages, and ensure they get opened quickly. A text message is coist-effective to send, yet it offers a 98 percent open rate.

In addition, you get all the benefits of instant delivery. Quickly remind tenants to pay their rent, broadcast new listings to active homebuyers, or instantly alert maintenance teams and vendors to tasks that require their attention.

A great message for landlords and property managers

  • Use SMS billing reminders and payment notifications to increase on-time payments and show tenants that you appreciate their business
  • Manage field staff and maintenance workers by quickly sending service reminders, project details, and urgent requests when they’re away from the office
  • Streamline rental showings and tenant screenings by using two-way SMS for listing inquiries

Powerful results for real estate companies

  • Integrate SMS with your CRM to instantly send new listings to homebuyers and their agents
  • SMS marketing can help you automate lead nurturing, increase customer engagement, and improve your conversions
  • Two-way SMS makes it easy to stay in touch with your sales team while they’re in the field
  • Automate communications with appraisers, lenders, and inspectors to reduce administrative costs and close sales faster
  • Real estate auction companies use SMS to send event announcements, bidding confirmations, and auction alerts



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