Improve customer experience so that customers pay their bills before the due date!

Imagine a payment system that received a 95 per cent customer satisfaction rate, with 65 per cent of customers paying bills early.

Read this eBook to explore why people pay their bills late, the impact of this and, most importantly, how to turn this trend around to get customers paying early.

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Make bill payments so easy that your customers pay early!

We are a nation of late bill payers

According to a 2016 study by Market Invoice, we are actually the worst country in the world at paying our bills on time! A third of Australians admit to paying bills late, with utility bills faring the worst. In one year alone, Australians paid AU$286 million in late fees, due to mismanagement of bill payments.

Most of us hate paying bills, but not just because of the financial impact. Many of us dislike the cumbersome process that comes with paying bills, so we put it off, causing us to pay late. For many others, late payment is the result of pure forgetfulness.

Download this eBook to discover how you can cut through the clutter of everyday transactions,

and provide a timely reminder coupled with a convenient payment method with the latest fintech solution FlickPay. FlickPay takes advantage of consumers’ preference for easy digital transactions that can be conducted from a mobile, anywhere and anytime.

The eBook explores

  • How people view current bill payment methods
  • The reasons why people are paying their bills late
  • The impact to your business from late or non-payments
  • The latest fintech solution rated 5/5 by 95 percent of payers

Download this eBook

  • Uncover why your customers aren’t paying their bills on time, and how to implement an effective SMS bill payment solution to keep your bank balance healthy and your customers happy.