Alpha tag

An alpha tag gives your messages a unique sender name, including digits, text and some special characters.

Assigning a unique alphanumeric sender ID or alpha tag adds significant value to your messaging. Your customers know immediately who sent the message, what it’s about or any other information you want to convey within 11 characters.

An alpha tag has many uses, such as:

Authenticity for two-factor authentication (2FA) systems 

Most banks use message-based 2FA methods to confirm new transaction recipients or individual transactions. Adding an alpha tag increases the authenticity of your message and the customer’s trust in your service.

Delivery notifications

Alpha tags assist urgent messaging, such as a delivery notification from a courier, as they immediately clarify the purpose of the message to the customer so that they read and act on it straightaway.

Marketing communications

Alpha tags provide a more professional and established look for your marketing communications. In addition, revealing the sender tells the customer the nature of the communication. They are then more likely to read and absorb the contents of your message if they are prepared to take in what they’re about to read.

Customer service

Different alpha tags for your messages distinguishes between promotional and service-related messages. Customers know immediately which messages are most important, greatly increasing engagement with your messages.

Are alpha tags right for you?

While alpha tags are extremely useful, you should bear in mind the following when deciding if these are right for your business.

  • Alpha tags only allow for one-way messaging, so customers will not be able to reply.
  • They can only be sent once a customer opts in, so they can’t be sent unsolicited.
  • Not all countries support alpha tags. Contact us for further details.
  • Maximum length is 11 characters, which may require abbreviation of your business name or campaign.
  • iPhones don’t support special characters, this means that any hyphens or underscores will be stripped out.