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MessageMedia adds MMS to its arsenal of communication solutions in the United States

Author: Hannah O’Dea, MessageMedia

We are happy to announce that MessageMedia has launched MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) or picture messaging in the United States. MMS presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to communicate with their customers in a more engaging and memorable way.

At its core MMS offers all the benefits of SMS with the added advantage of static images and GIFs to make your messaging even more engaging.

MMS was introduced back in 2002 so you may already be familiar with the technology but over time is has become an integral part of two-way communication between family and friends. This simple, yet engaging platform is the go-to if you are looking for new and interesting ways to communicate with your customers.

The difference between SMS and MMS

SMS and MMS are the two main functions of mobile messaging however, where SMS is limited to 160 characters, MMS can send much longer messages with up to 3,000 characters. In addition to sending text an MMS allows you to send and receive static (JPG) and moving (GIF) images. If a picture tells a thousand words, then sending images can be far more valuable than 160 characters when used well.

While MMS sounds like a no-brainer, its advanced functionality does cost a little more, which is why it should be used when you require high engagement and cut-through. MMS may not be right for every situation, but it will yield great results in areas with a high return on investment such as sales and promotions.

Here are some examples of MMS by industry

  • Retail – MMS is an engaging platform for sales and promotions allowing you to promote multiple products and coupons via images, from the one message.
  • Fitness and lifestyle – These industries are big on MMS as images are a proven way to promote events, healthy lifestyles, exercise classes and competitions.
  • Automotive – MMS your customers with offers specific to their car make and model. This may be workshop demonstrations, time for a service, or even an upgrade!
  • Luxury brands – What better way to take it up a notch than engaging with your customers through rich media. It’s the best way to generate long-term brand recall.
  • Fast food – Do you know what you are having for dinner tonight? Distributing timely MMS to hungry customers with local promotions and coupons drives more orders and foot traffic.

Get in touch with MessageMedia

MMS is a platform you need to consider as part of your overall mobile strategy. It will capture your recipient’s attention, increase brand recall, and generate real cut-through in a crowded marketplace.

Offer MMS and watch how your marketing team jump at the chance to leverage this rich user experience and reap the benefits as your customers thank you for the clean and clear communication channel. If your business isn’t leveraging MMS yet you may be missing out.

At MessageMedia we deliver solutions that enable companies to transform how they communicate with clients, stakeholders and customers. Whether looking to automate administrative tasks, integrate with existing systems through APIs, or want a partner who can facilitate how marketing teams increase engagement and conversions, then MessageMedia is here for you.

If you want to read about more great MMS use cases check out our Developer Blog.

For more information about getting set-up with MMS, or any of our other communication solutions, click the green button below.

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