Modern consumers don’t want to be forced into phone calls. SMS is a quick and flexible communication channel your customers are already familiar with using. Alleviate frustration, enable self-service, and translate a great customer experience into repeat business by leveraging our call center SMS Communication software solutions.



Why SMS for Call Centers?

Provide your customers with the best user experience by integrating SMS into your multi-channel Unified Communications solution. With tools like SMS outbound queuing and message receipts, it’s now easier than ever before to save users time and money – and establish stronger customer relationships.

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Why Your Call Center Needs SMS

Phone lines simply don’t cut it anymore: customers want SMS. Text messaging is seen as much more convenient and service-oriented channel of communication, allowing customers to resolve issues on their own time versus waiting on hold. When a company is willing to communicate in a way that is comfortable and convenient to the customer, the value of the interaction increases.

Users often don’t answer numbers they don’t recognize. With SMS, you can automate these simple, yet-time consuming calls to free up your resources and increase your response rates. SMS is the quickest way to connect with customers, especially when the issue at hand is timely in nature.



MessageMedia: Your Go-to Partner for Unified Communication Solutions

Customers want shorter waiting times, as well as the option to take care of easy, automated support options via text – simply and without frustration. With the introduction of SMS for your call center, tasks like checking on the status of an order, scheduling or modifying an appointment, making a reservation, or changing a password have never been more simple.

With over 80 million messages sent every month across the planet, MessageMedia is the go-to SMS partner for enterprise Unified Communications solution providers.


Benefits of Leveraging SMS for Call Centers


$0.95 average cost of a self-service session vs. $5.84 average cost of live telephone call



Take advantage of the one thing your users already carry with them everywhere they go



A company completing 5,000 calls per month could save $25,000 monthly or $300,000 annually by switching to SMS



Text messages have an open rate of 99%; 90% of users open within 3 minutes. If you’re emailing customers, increase end-user adoption by switching to SMS

MessageMedia is the Right Choice for Call Centers

  • Two factor authentication

    Over 15 years experience and more than 18,000 customers worldwide

  • Call Centers

    99.7% of messages are delivered in 30 seconds

  • Appointment Reminders

    Fast deployment of off-the-shelf and customizable solutions

  • Marketing

    Live, 24 x 5 support with optional 24 x 7 coverage

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