SMPP API for Carrier-grade Messaging

Connection Details

Server Address:
Server Port: 8491
TON and NPI: International
MessageMedia will provide customers with an SMPP username and password on request

Implementation Notes

The MessageMedia SMPP server is SMPP 3.4 compatible. The SMPP specification can be found at


The following SMPP commands are supported:

  • bind_receiver
  • bind_transmitter
  • bind_transceiver
  • submit_sm
  • if source address is empty, one of MessageMedia’s general sending numbers will be used
  • long messages over 160 characters, but less than 254 characters can be sent through the short_message parameter
  • long messages over 160 characters and up to 65,000 characters can be sent through the message_payload optional parameter. See section 3.2.3 of the SMPP 3.4 specification. The short_message parameter should be null
  • long messages will be sent as concatenated messages from the gateway where possible
  • deliver_sm_respπ
  • unbind


The following SMPP commands are not supported and will be ignored by the SMPP server:

  • submit_sm_multi
  • data_sm
  • query_sm
  • cancel_sm
  • replace_sm


The following delivery report types are supported:

  • DELIVRD – Message was successfully delivered
  • UNDELIV – Message is undeliverable (error with the destination)
  • EXPIRED – Message could not be delivered within validity period
  • REJECTD – Message was explicitly rejected by an upstream carrier

Please note that MessageMedia support up to eight concurrent binds.

If you have any questions, please contact MessageMedia Support on 866-751-8337 or Email us at