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SMS Reporting and Analytics for Business

A Dashboard Designed to Accelerate Your ROI

My MessageMedia gives you powerful SMS marketing tools for driving improvements across your campaigns.

You’re in the business of delivering results. So are we. That’s why we developed the My MessageMedia dashboard. It gives you one central interface for sending messages, managing users, and tracking performance—from delivery to conversion. Built-in delivery reports and analytics let users see what worked and when, slice the data anyway they want, and serve it up in pie charts or graphs, so you can get more of the results you crave.

Reporting and Analytics

The My MessageMedia dashboard includes a complete suite of SMS marketing tools for managing mailboxes, generating reports, managing opt-in and opt-outs, and analyzing results. Basically, everything you need to run your SMS messaging programs, from start to finish.

Mailbox Management

The My MessageMedia mailbox lets you view all messages sent and received, as well as threaded messages showing conversational histories with individual users. Track user engagement, audit your support team, and extract new customer insights.

Delivery and Usage Reports

With MessageMedia behind your business, you’ll never be left guessing whether your messages reached their destination. Our SMS platforms provide free access to real-time delivery reports, so you can be sure that your messages were delivered to the right people at the right time. Plus, you can track responses and click throughs to see which messages worked, at which times, and for which segments. Optimize to your heart’s content, and watch the results pour in.

Administrator Tools

See whom your power users are, and quickly identify opportunities for improvement. Admin reports allow you to track usage by user and filter results by message type or date. It’s a great way to make sure your business is getting the most out of its SMS investment.

SMS List Management

The SMS Broadcaster tool makes managing opt-ins and opt-outs a breeze. Get multiple options for maintaining your messaging list: enable keyword-based opt-outs, allow web-based opt-outs through a URL, or use manual opt-opts. All it takes is a mouse click to ensure that your list only includes engaged users.

Text Message Analytics

The My MessageMedia dashboard makes it easy to visualize your results with in-line, bar, or pie charts. Select your metrics, filter results by any number of variables, and instantly see how you’ve performed. Generate results in an instant, see where there’s room for improvement, and optimize on the fly.

Take the My MessageMedia dashboard for a test drive. Start your free trial now.